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Sekou Designs 

The double edged sword of design!


The double-edged sword of design!

Our designs are awe insiring! We take great pride in the work we do which is why we are at the cutting edge of creativity and functionality

Our #1 goal is to bring your ideas to fruition, whilst providing the level of service & satisfaction you will come to expect. We provide a quality of work and a level of professionalism that is un-paralleled , all at an incredibile value!

Edge 1


We are creatives at heart and always aspire to wow with our designs from logos to websites, prepare to be amazed! 

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Masters of the proverbial "Left Brain" we have the technical prowess to produce & deliver at scale, on time & within budget! 


    Design & Marketing Solutions

    The following represent an overview of the services we provide. We are constantly honing & perfecting our offerings based on market demand & the evolution of the landscape!

      Visual Communication + Web Creation

      Graphic & Web Design

      Print and digital design services are available!

      Web Development

      Functional & optimized, with scalability in mind!

      UI/UX Design

      Sure it looks real purty, but can Grand-ma use it?

      Brand Identity

      Define your identity & strategy to evolve of it.

      Marketing + Strategy

      Digital Marketing

      We'll develop a plan specific to your goals!

      Social Marketing

      Targeted  for optimal customer reach.

      Email Marketing

      Campaigns that engage and increase conversions

      SMS Marketing

      Targeted & personalized texts to drive engagement

      Automation + Customer Nurturing


      Enable your customers to easily make payments, set up automatic payments, and manage their accounts securely and conveniently.

      Schedule Booking

      automated scheduling and booking services, allowing customers to easily book appointments, reserve services, and schedule meetings with just a few clicks.


      Automated call routing ensures that calls are always routed to the most appropriate place, prioritize urgent calls, reduce wait times& record calls for quality assurance purposes

      Book Your Consultation

      Ready to transform your business? Our range of services is designed to drive growth, enhance customer experiences, and streamline operations. Let's discuss your unique needs and how we can help. Book a consultation now to get started on your journey to success


      A Few of Our Projects

      The projects we feature here are just a glimpse of the wide range of industries and sectors that we have served with our exceptional skills and proficiency!

        A modern & professional website design that accurately reflects the salon's brand and style, and provides a convenient and user-friendly experience for customers.

        Logo design that captures the salon's brand of simplicity, sophistication, and subtlety

        The objective of a website design project for a non-profit organization was to convey its sophistication while capturing the organization's vibrant colors.

        Showcase the love of an engaged couple through pictures and create a user-friendly platform for invitees to RSVP and gift the couple.

        Clean up original design and incorporate more defined branding

        Create a website to serve as the stating point for a membership site for people on a fitness journey.

        We aim to deliver dependable business solutions to companies of any size and industry, with a focus on efficient problem-solving at scale.

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        Let's bring your idea to fruition!

          About Sekou Designs

          We aim to deliver dependable business solutions to companies of any size and industry, with a focus on efficient problem-solving at scale.

          Sekou Designs, is a division of Digital Growth Solutions, LLC

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